Christmas – Friendship Style

Christmas is the first holiday you think of when someone asks about spending time with family.  This year, for me, was the hardest Christmas I have had to experience.  Since my husband is still deployed, Christmas was hard since we don’t have any children.  I spoiled the puppy dogs, they got a huge new bed, tons of treats, and new collars, but it was hard.

I do have to thank my friends who opened their house up to me for everyone to get together and to take my mind off of Andy being done.  We had a TON of food, played some great games, and had a great time spending the holiday with our ‘military family’.  I am truly grateful to have these lovely ladies in my life to make the time easier for me.

One of my friends received an updated version of a Polaroid camera and we had a wonderful time taking crazy photos.  She loves to keep a Smash Book, a quick way of scrapbooking where its not so thought out you just ‘smash’ things in to a book randomly, and added our photos to it when she got home.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday! I received some cute sweaters, enough KCups for my Keurig machine until I die, and some crafting supplies!

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