Veterans Day

Today is a very special day in the US.  It is Veterans Day.  For all my readers that aren’t familiar with this holiday, this is a day where we reflect on all the men and women who have or are currently serving in our Armed Forces.  This is a special day for me, because as you already know, my husband is currently serving in the Air Force, and on top of it, he is deployed. 
Military life is different.  It’s hard.  This is his third deployment and the third year in a row he has been gone for 4+ months at a time.  While being a military wife does not define who I am, it is part of what I am.  I “serve” in a different way.  Staying home and taking care of day to day business here can be difficult at times, and these past two weeks have proved just that.

Two weeks ago I decided it was finally time to update my iphone 4s to the new iOS7 operating system.  I backed up my files and did the update overnight.  Monday morning when I went to take my phone off the charger it died.  I thought maybe I had not plugged it in all the way so when I plugged it back it and it turned on and as soon as I unplugged it again it died, I knew I had a problem.  I contacted Apple Monday night and they advised me to restore the software.  Again I did that Monday night overnight.
Tuesday morning, pulled the phone off the charger and again it died.  Now I knew I was in trouble.  We do not have a house phone so this is the main way I talk to family back home and Andy while he is deployed.  On Tuesday night, even plugging it into the charger it would not turn on.  Apple stated it was a hardware issue and could not help me.  Since the phone was purchased in the states and not Italy, they would not even be able to service it here.


My phone would cycle between that above picture and crashing to a black screen. Getting a new phone in Italy is the worst possible experience EVER.  There were a ton of road blocks but FINALLY on Friday, nearly two weeks without a phone, I was able to get a shiny new iphone 5s.  A major upgrade.
Now you would think that I had been through a lot just with that but nooooooo.  Life throws you problems in groups of 3 right?! Our bank account got hacked and my wedding ring has a bent prong on it.  The bank account situation was easily fixed, and THANK GOD was only a charge for $73, but the ring situation is different.  I don’t trust taking it to a place I haven’t really been to or heard good things about so until I find one, its no ring wearing for me.
Hopefully things have calmed down here.  While I may not be experiencing the same issues and hard times my husband is while he is on his deployment, things always seem to go downhill when he leaves.  Last time a deer ran into the drivers side of the car on my way to work one day.  Not cool.
Please take the time today to remember our military and their family.  They all go through their own tribulations, some greater than others.  Its a time to reflect on everything they do for us day in and day out.

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