Stampin’ Up European Convention 2013 – Manchester, England!

Happy Sunday readers! I am finally ready to share the awesome time that I had at Stampin’ Up European Convention in Manchester! I know it took me a while but I had a ton of photo editing I had to do for this post and with Christmas this week, things have been all over the place!

As a North Atlantic Demonstrator, I got the rare opportunity to attend European Convention even though they are a completely different market than us.  One would think that since it is all through the same company, that I would be able to see the same information that my UK demos see, but alas my demo ID number does not work on their website.  Registering for convention proved to be difficult.  I was not able to log in like ‘normal’ demos do and register online, I had to get approval from Stampin’ Up, in a process that took a little over a month.
Once my registration was finalized, I hit another road block; I wasn’t able to access class schedule information, or updates about convention.  This is where I made a new stampin’ friend in Lesley Lendon! She helped me SO much throughout the whole process in sending me updates from the site as she was a UK demo and passed it all along to me!

While at convention, I learned there were two other North Atlantic demos, who happen to be military wives just like me living in Europe.  The both live in England, so they are able to sell Stampin’ Up while living over here.  During general session one day, Stampin’ Up recognized us and all three of us got to stand up in front of everyone! It was awesome!

When I am traveling I like to try new foods that are super over the top.  England was perfect because I was able to read items and figure out what they were saying, but some of the food choices are totally different than what I am used to! Black pudding and mustard chips (aka crisps in England)? What the heck is black puddling?  The chips were GREAT though! I even got to try a mince meat pie, although that was a one bite taste test that I didn’t want to have another bite after!

I learned so much at convention for when I return to the States and I am able to start selling again.  Going to convention always re energizes my stamping spirit and I love it!  I wanted to share the last swap that I made for general swapping.  This was by far my most popular swap and it was my first one to ‘sell out’ of all of them.  Everyone loved them!

Cute isn’t it! Here are some of my favorite display samples and class samples that I saw while at convention!

I cannot wait to return to convention next year! Brussels here I come!!

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  1. It was great to see you although I didn't have a chance to chat to you properly! Hope to see you next year or maybe before!! Lesley is a good friend of mine and I'm not surprised she helped you so much, she's a star. Have a very Happy Christmas and glad you enjoyed the European Convention version 🙂


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