Reunited and it feels so good!

He’s home! He’s home! Thursday was an amazing day for me.  My husband returned after a 5 month deployment! Luckily, he returned in the morning so I didn’t have to wait all day long for him to get off the plane.  

The past 2 deployments seemed like the time was going by so fast.  While when I was looking back to see how many days have gone it did seem to have flown by, the day to day actions seemed to drag on.  This was probably the worst deployment for me so far.  Dealing with two separate hacked bank accounts, a broken cell phone that took 3 weeks to wait for the store to get more in, my wedding ring breaking (and its still broken), having a heavy lamp fall on my head and countless times I could have used Andy’s help to make tasks easier, all of this being 5k miles away from family and living in Italy.

But the good news is is that he was home to just in time to see me win the Aviano Air Base Recreational Volunteer of the Quarter! I had to walk up in front of the entire base and get my picture taken.  It was so nerve wracking!

I won this really awesome eagle trophy that Harvey has been barking at.  Its eyes freak me out but at least they said my name right during the ceremony and spelled it right on the trophy!  Later that night I was able to celebrate my birthday party with Andy and all my friends with me.  I was so happy to have everyone together!

Yesterday was my birthday and we spent the day Italian style.  We went to a cafe and got some latte macchiatos, italian style pizza (where I ordered sausage and it came out with hot dogs on it, actually wasn’t that bad though!), went grocery shopping at the store by our house and bought some really YUMMY pastries.  SO good!

My mom and sister got me some really awesome gifts too!


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