My Anniversary Present!

Hello readers! On June 21st my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Since we live in Italy, we went out to a wonderful romantic dinner at a restaurant by the mountain and sipped amazing wine, ate great food, and enjoyed each others company. 

For my present this year, I wanted a planner that one of my friends has that ALWAYS talks about how amazing it is. She carries it with her everywhere she goes and she finally talked me into the dark side and showed me how wonderful they are.  The planner is from a company called Erin Condren and honestly before she told me about them, I had not heard about it. 

That’s my planner! Isn’t is beautiful! Basically, you can customize it to whatever color, design, picture or anything you want on the front! They have preselected designs (I chose the bows) but I got to add my photo and quote to the front. 
Both the quote and photo have meanings for me.  I called my dad who passed away almost three years ago Poppy.  Here in Italy, we have fields upon fields of poppies and I had to have a photo in them.  The quotes are from various places but basically poppies are a symbolic item for remembrance.
Although I had a mix up with receiving someone else’s order instead of mine, Erin Condren was quickly to reprint my items and ship them to me.  I was happy when they upgraded my shipping for me to receive it faster.  Overall, so far I LOVE it! I love the customized stickers I purchased, the 18 month calendar and the look.  I can’t wait to use it for the next year and a half!
If you want a planner of your own, check out  They have everything from planners, to personalized lunch boxes, desk calendars, note cards and more!  I even plan on getting my business cards there when we move back to the states!

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