Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! My husband and I got back yesterday from our trip to Romania to see Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s castle) for Halloween.  We left on Friday so I didn’t do a Confessions of a Traveling Stamper or a Technique Tuesday post yesterday.  Please forgive me we were exhausted!
But…I do have a card for you today.  Its finally starting to get chilly in Italy and last night we had to turn on our radiators.  Houses here do not have central AC or heat so I am having the joy of having to learn how to use a radiator that comes with a thermostat.  I haven’t had to use one before and so far we are still having issues.  Here’s hoping our house won’t be this cold all winter!
For today’s card, I wanted to do a technique called double embossing (see you get a mini Technique Tuesday still!).  Basically, you use the technique I did on my fall tag below with embossing but add another layer to it.  After you are done with the first layer of embossing, you ink up the paper with whatever colors you want, then do another layer of embossing and inking.  The red, yellow, and orange are underneath the brown but shine through.  I really love the way this turned out!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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