Happy Birthday to me…a little late :)

Happy Groundhog Day readers! Today’s post is about all about birthday’s…mine! My birthday was the 25th of January and I have been busy since then but now that I have time to sit down and post, Im going to write all about it!
Turning 28 is nothing special…unless you live in Italy! I woke up that morning to Andy surprising me by taking the day off of work (just for him to spend the day still at work and me selling Girl Scout cookies with my troop ha!).  For dinner that night, a coworker of Andy’s was moving jobs on base so there was a little going away party for her so it was a double duty dinner for me! I had the most wonderful steak and potatoes while Andy had a fish that still had the head attached to it.  Good thing it didn’t actually stink like fish! Yuck!
Who doesn’t love animal print scarves for their birthday?!

For my actual party, I had 25 of my closest friends join me for a birthday party at a restaurant.  The food was amazing but my favorite part was the cinnamon ravioli! It was ricotta cheese mixed with cinnamon and stuff into a shell with tomato sauce on top.  It was SO good! 

One of my biggest surprises was the cake that my friend Bree made for me.  We had discussed some ideas back and forth but I let her take creative control and make basically any design cake she wanted for me.  It turned out GREAT! The top layer was pink champagne flavored caked with strawberries and ombre pink color variations and the bottom was chocolate cake.  Her stuff is amazing!

After dinner we went to a local club and danced while doing some of the best people watching I have never done! It was hilarious to see some of the outfits and styles of dancing and how they are so different than at home!  Overall I had a blast and I am so thankful to everyone for the gifts, coming out for my dinner and being my friends!

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