Full Confessions of a Traveling Stamper – I found my camera! EDIT: AND my ID! YAY!

Today is election day for the US! Make sure to get out there and utilize your right to vote! No matter who you think is the better candidate, just VOTE 🙂
Some great news! I found my camera! Some not great news! I lost my stateside drivers license.  It wouldn’t be a big deal if we lived in the states but since we live in Italy, I need it technically to drive here along with my military drivers license.  The Missouri DMV said I should expect it in about a month.  Since I can’t be stored up in the house for a month, this should be interesting.
But onto the camera! Yay! That means I can post about our trip to Romania.  My husband and I, along with 4 other couples we know, took a tour through base through the Information, ticket and travel (ITT) office on base.  The trip was scheduled to take us to Bran Castle (aka Draculas Castle) for a Halloween party and other little towns along the way.


 The castle is the behind that house in the picture above.  We got to go into the castle at night for a Halloween party and during the day view it from afar.  It is definitely more spooky looking at night!  Vald the Impailer is who the story of Dracula was based off of.  The castle had a guy dressed up like Vlad and we were able to take a picture with him.
The next morning after viewing the castle in the morning we drove to the town of Sighisoara.  The town is very different than anything I have ever seen.  It is run down and it made me sad to see some of the types of houses people were living in.  Some didn’t even have running water or electricity (we saw people getting water from a near by creek). 
Our tour allowed us time to walk around, get some lunch (where it took an hour to cook a pizza since they used a wood burning oven) and explore the town.  We stopped at a local cafe and were able to enjoy some coffee and adult beverages with others on our tour.
Ever had Chicken or Paprika flavored Lays chips?! The chicken ones weren’t good but the paprika ones were amazing!
After about 4 hours in the town, our bus took us to our last town of Sibiu, which was deemed the culture capital of the world in 2007.  While we weren’t impressed, we were able to enjoy a GREAT dinner (I had filet mignon and Andy had local Romanian cuisine) on an awesome exchange rate.  One of our dollars was about 3 Lei (name of their currency).  Basically we spend $30 on dinner which included drinks.  It was amazing!
Although the tour wasn’t exactly what we expected (no joke a full THREE days on a tour bus), we had a great time with friends and I got to spend time with Andy so that was a plus!  Next time we want to go to Romania, we will fly 🙂

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