Deployment Goodies!

Happy Monday readers! While my husband’s deployment days seem to be flying by (at least when I look back on them, not as they are happening though!), I got my first package from him! I got a pink reflective belt, which in the US Air Force, all members must wear during darkness hours.  Since I work on base, someone in my office told me I wasn’t visible in the parking lot in the morning on the way inside (although not sure how my pink sweater wasn’t visible haha), and so my hubs was kind enough to send me a pink belt!

Pretty sexy huh?!

Another thing I was really excited to see was the table runner he got me.  He had told me about it during one of our Skype sessions, but said it was ‘different’ and I may not like it.  While it isn’t the style that our house is decorated in, it is still cool to have an item from the location he is at.  I love the colors and the gold thread! I got a necklace with my name on it too that is super cute and some other items with the location name on it. 

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