Confessions of a Traveling Stamper

Its Friday and time for another post about our adventures in Italy! This week we didn’t have too many adventures except unpacking our boxes!  Unpacking has slowed down since we need storage options for our items.  As I have talked about before, Italian houses do not have closets or storage cabinets.  Our bathroom at our old base house had a cabinet under the sink, a medicine cabinet and a linen closet, here…none of those.  We wanted to get boxes out of our house so we unpacked items but now they are sitting in piles around the edges of the rooms and its driving me crazy! Luckily, we are going to go shopping for storage items this weekend so hopefully those piles will be gone soon!
Our biggest adventure this week was to a huge home improvement store called Self.  We needed items like chain pulls for the ceiling fans (since im too short to reach them..go me!), recycling bins for our kitchen (Italians are HUGE on recycling), a nice rug, and basic home improvement items. 
While we were in the store it was pouring down rain.  Italian roads are made differently than in the states and when the roads get wet they get VERY slick here.  The roads are made with crushed shells so when the rain hits it, it pools on the roads too.  On our way home from the store, we were rear ended by someone who wasn’t able to stop in time due to the road being wet and/or her not paying attention.  Luckily, our American car was just fine…but on the other hand her Italian car wasn’t.  She was also upset that we had to call the base cops to come our via base’s recommendation.  Whatever….she got over it.

Guess which car is ours?!

Double rainbow while waiting for the cops
Unpacking, unpacking, unpacking! It makes two miniature dachshunds tired! Im glad they are earning their keep around here by watching me unpack all their parents household goodies!

Buddy is worn out!
Harvey says hi!
To end this weeks post, a little sneek peek of our house (of what is unpacked so far!) Don’t judge the mess that is still left, its a work in progress!  The picture of our kitchen below is our ENTIRE kitchen…yup its tiny!

Craft Room is coming along (and no thats not a dog turd its an ipod player haha)
Andy’s “Man” Room
Tonight I’m off to go to a party at the Agriturismo (Ag-ree-tour-eee-smo).  Its a restaurant where they grow their own veggies, fruit and livestock and use all those items in their cooking.  Its a B&B so I am going to be spending the night there for a girls night out.  I can’t wait! See you next week with pictures from the event!

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Traveling Stamper”

  1. Hi T.S. (Travelin Stamper–haha),
    Your blog posts remind me of my time overseas. My hubs & I were both in the army when we arrived in Germany but I got out when we started a family. I spend 6 years in Germany and 1 year in Korea. You have discovered the differences in European vs American living! They actually have the right idea–living in smaller spaces instead of the bigger and bigger houses we are building here in the US. We use more land, natural resources and energy–and we pay for it! I'm glad you got to bring your dogs with you; I had to leave a cat behind. 🙁 Happy stamping & scrapping!
    Terri B.
    Sandy Toes & Inky Fingers
    (fellow Stampin Up demo)

  2. I can't wait to hear more! When you said no storage, I was thinking no cabinets in the kitchen, but you practically have no cabinets in there either. I don't understand where they put everything then? Do they not have as much stuff as us? Two bath towels and alternate them? Strange to me. lol I really want to come visit! Please?!

  3. I think they do live with less but their society seems more family oriented than physical items oriented. The houses are simple, not showy and plain unlike the states. I really enjoy our house so far. Its nice because we have pull down screens and ceiling fans in all our rooms which is VERY uncommon here!

  4. I am so excited to find your blog…we have wanted to travel to Italy for several years and still plan it within the next couple. We have enough miles saved for 1st class tickets which we be so good! I have your blog pinned to my desk top so I hope you continue posting. Love reading all about your experiences :)Hugs from another SU demo…


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