Confessions of a Traveling Stamper

Its Friday and the weekend is near! Hooray! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Now that Thanksgiving is over, its time for the crazy of the holiday season. I just need to buy one more present and then I will be finished with my Christmas shopping! Yay!

This week, I have worked on quite a few Christmas cards.  I have an upcoming craft fair on base that I am really excited for! Due to the Status of Forces Agreement that our country has with Italy, I am not allowed to sell my cards on base.  With this craft fair, I will be able to sell them and I’m excited to clear up some space in my craft room!  If you are in the Aviano area, come check my booth out!
I even had a guest designer this week in my craft room.  My husband wanted to make a card for some special people.  I helped him pick out the supplies but he designed the card.  I think he did a GREAT job! 
This week my Girl Scout troop went on their first field trip.  They finished their cooking badge by taking a tour of the Buon Appetito dining facility on base.  They were able to bread turkey nuggets, portion and season chicken, got a behind the scenes tour, and were able to taste their turkey nugget creations.  They all had a blast and loved the whole experience!
On Wednesday, my dachshund Buddy had surgery.  He had been having issues with peeing ever since we got him a year ago and we thought he was just adjusting to us.  Well after a year of no improvement, we took him to the vet and he had two huge bladder stones.  They were able to remove them and clean his teeth as well, but now he has to wear the cone of shame for a week.  Poor thing is so sad looking.  No matter how many times I clean it, the cone is always dirty.

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