Confessions of a Traveling Stamper

The weekend is finally here! I postponed my usual Friday post until today because I wanted to post about the market that we went to this morning.  I have talked about the city of Pordenone (Pour-da-no-nay) before and this is the biggest city around the area that we live in.  Two times a week they have a street market and this one is VERY big.  Markets here are very popular and sell everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, to flowers, cheese (which is SO good here), fresh fish and more.
Before going to the market, Andy and I stopped by a cafe and had some coffee drinks and a chocolate brioche.  I had a cappuccino and Andy had a latte macchiato.  The coffee drinks are SO much better than the local coffee places back at home and I think when we return to the states, Starbucks will never be the same for me.  The man that made my drink put a star on top and it was so pretty.
Doesn’t that chocolate brioche look delish? Its because it was!
At the market, we walked around and decided to pick up some cheese for a BBQ that we are going to tonight.  Ordering cheese from a food truck is very interesting here.  You have to make sure to get a ticket because they are so busy and when its your turn to order, you need to sounds as Italian as possible so they don’t make fun of you haha.  We ordered some Asiago (which is easy to say), buffalo mozzarella, and two cheeses that we have no idea what the names are but they looked good so we picked them out.  That’s the best way to order and try new things here…point and buy 🙂
I bought two fashion scarves as I like to call them because they actually don’t do anything to keep your neck warm but they look good, Andy bought a sweater but of course it was too small since you can’t really try things on here and all the men are the size of a stick.  We bought some tiny cappuccino spoons for our espresso maker that we bought a few weeks ago, Andy got some fried calamari (sick) and we bought some olive oil decanters for our house.  Overall, it was a good haul.
On the way home, we stopped at the McDonalds to actually try some of the food.  They don’t have ‘combo’ meals here like back in the states but I tried that NYC sandwich I had talked about in a post before.  I got the crispy chicken version of it and Andy got the burger version, but its a bun with bacon bits on top (weird I know), fried onion straws, BBQ sauce, lettuce, mayo and bacon.  It was a weird combo but seemed to work out in the end.
We had a great time at the market today and its a great place to do shopping with great prices.  I can’t wait to take my family here when they visit 🙂

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