Confessions of a Traveling Stamper

He sees you when your sleeping! Santa has been watching, have you been naughty or nice?  The Holidays are in full swing here in Italy.  Even though we can’t be home for Christmas, its nice to live in a country that celebrates it just as much as the Americans do.  The towns are all decorated, Christmas markets are in full swing, and Holiday parties have begun on base.
Last Saturday, Andy and I attended his squadrons holiday.  The event was held at a really nice restaurant that we actually went to on our welcome tour when we arrived on base.  They served a five course meal (but with 300 people in attendance, the main course was served at 1030pm) and the food was great! We had a small cold cuts appetizer, sliced beef with roasted potatoes, a super yummy rice medley dish, and dessert.

Yesterday, I had my first craft fair since moving to Italy.  Due to restrictions with the Italian government and our military, spouses are not allowed to have home businesses, which makes me REALLY sad.  Since this craft fair was held on base, the restrictions did not come into play and some crafters and myself were able to sell our goodies.  I did really well for my first event here (I made over $100!) and I hope that they continue to have events like this.  Its nice to be able to clear out my stack of cards that I make for my blog 🙂
Next weekend we are planning on going to Austria, either Salzburg or Villach, to go to their Christmas markets there.  Apparently they have some really good ones and it will be nice to visit another city/country as well.  Austria’s border is only about 2 hours away so wherever we decide to go, it won’t take too long to get there!
I hope that everyone has had a great weekend.  Now that my Christmas crafting is just about finished, I can start back into the groove of working on some other projects!
Happy Sunday everyone!

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