Confessions of a Traveling Stamper – Venice Carnival

Happy Friday readers! Its time for my Confessions of a Traveling Stamper post about our day trip to Venice during Carnival! I posted a few posts down about what Carnival was all about but if you missed it, review it here!  Carnival was a great experience.  It was like Mardi Gras but Venetian style!  There were people dressed in amazing costumes, tons of crazy masks, and of course drinks!
Carnival felt like more of Italy’s version of Halloween.  Just about every costume from traditional to insane was there.  You could really tell people took the time and spent a lot of money on these costumes.

More traditional costumes

And the weirder ones

We went with a big group of our friends and had a great lunch at a little off beaten place.  I don’t even remember the name of it but the food was great.  Of course while in Venice you MUST buy a mask, especially during Carnival.  Andy wanted to choose the creepiest mask he could find, and I think he outdid himself.  It was freaky!

I had a great time with friends, enjoyed looking at the costumes, and as always the beautiful city of Venice!

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  1. Unfortunately we didn't. We had a group of 8 people and that was hard enough trying to stick together and not lose anyone. Maybe next year!

  2. Looks like fun! Carnival in Venice is such a once in a lifetime thing. Thanks for the pictures! 🙂


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