Confessions of a Traveling Stamper – The Hills are Alive Edition!

We all know the line and what movie its from.  The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Salzburg this edition! Andy and I wanted to take a quick getaway Christmas weekend and Salzburg was our choice!  With only about a 4 hour drive through the beautiful Alps, we couldn’t pass it up!

The mountains were so pretty! The scenery changed along the way as we went through the many tunnels.  On one side it was green and on the other it was a winter wonderland. 
The architecture is amazing! You never see this type or style in the US and it truly was something I have never seen before.  The tall buildings, the HUGE fortress and the little shops along the streets were great.  One of the main reasons we chose Salzburg was for their famous Christmas Markets.  These booths sell everything from food, Gluwein (spiced wine), ornaments, and Christmas decorations.

One of the best things we encountered was the food! It was wonderful! We ran into some people we knew from base here and had breakfast at a really cute cafe that sold handmade chocolates.  We got a pretzel that had cheese and bacon on it (SO good!), had some Gluwein, hot chocolate (which here really is liquid hot chocolate, they eat it with a spoon), and even had dinner at a real German beer hall complete with mugs of German beer!  One thing I always want to do when traveling is go to McDonalds and see how they serve different types of food.  This one served waffle fries with a sour cream dip.  It was really good!

For anyone that has seen the Sound of Music, we hiked up to that huge castle that is seen in some of the shots of the movie.  They had the option to take a mountain side train or hike up about 50 degree angles, and Andy chose the walking option.  Never again!  We visited the church in the movie where they get married and it was so big and beautiful.
The best part of the whole trip was spending time with Andy and being goofy.  We had to try on these hats when we saw them in a shop! 
But my favorite picture of the whole trip, was from our ride home. Every time I would try to take a picture of the mountains, stupid trees or the huge highway walls would get in the way.  I snapped this photo of Andy making fun of me like he always does 🙂

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