Confessions of a Traveling Stamper

Its Friday and with my settling in after our new move to Italy finishing up, its time to start my weekly post about Confessions of a Traveling Stamper! These posts will share all the fun and exciting adventures my husband and I (and possibly puppies!) have experienced this week.
Since last Friday was our first in Italia, and we were very busy getting our housing contract situated, I am going to partially cover items from the past two weeks!
We arrived in Italy on Monday July 30th after a long and tiring flight.  We were delayed on the plane at the gate for three hours without air conditioning and we were roasting, but we finally departed Atlanta and were on our way!
Since I have never been on an international flight before, the lure of airline food was a foreign concept to me.  Of course we all hear horror stories about finding needles in sandwiches, nasty tasting food, etc but what we had was actually not that bad.  Dinner was a choice between pasta or chicken and of course being as we were on our way to Italy, I just HAD to indulge in the pasta.  Andy had the chicken and we even got breakfast on the plane, which was kind of bland and dry, but edible.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t give Delta a 5 star rating on breakfast.
Bland breakfast

Pasta on the way to land of pasta!
We finally made it at around 10:30am local Venice time (+7 hour CST) and although we look ah-may-zing (wouldn’t you say!) we were ready to start our hour trip to base and start our house hunting right away!

We’re sexy and we know it!
House hunting was an experience but after two days of looking we found a house that we LOVE! It has a balcony off the kitchen that overlooks the mountains and enough rooms for me to have my own craft room again! Right around the corner from our new house a little cafe that offers wine on TAP (yay!) for about 1.80 euro which is about $1.50 per glass.  WIN!

Our new house!

Hello wine on tap!

Now of course I can’t forget the food of Italy! Pizza here is much different from the states as they have thin, crispy crust here and they don’t use tomato sauce as much as we do.  Toppings are a little different as well.  Bacon is not what we normally think bacon would be (and its not prosciutto either), french fries on a pizza, and I have even seen a restaurant that has hot dogs as a topping!

That is just a preview of all the wonderful things we have seen in the past two weeks living in Italy! Make sure to check out my weekly posts about our travels and experiences around this wonderful county and coming soon more project posts with my awesome papercrafting skills as soon as our household items get delivered and unpacked in a few short weeks!

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