Confessions of a Traveling Stamper

Its almost the weekend! What big and exciting plans does everyone have planned? Tonight my husband and I will be attending the annual Air Force Ball! This is the formal event of the year to celebrate the Air Force’s birthday and our 9th year attending together! I was sad last year when he was in Korea that we wouldn’t be able to go since we get pictures taken each year and its fun to see the progression as we get older. This was the first picture and the most recent.  Don’t we look so young in the first one (which was taken in 2003!)

So onto our exciting week.  Andy has been working about 15 hour or more days this week so my adventures this week were bascially my own.  Last Friday I attended a ladies night out event at a restaurant that grows and harvests its own vegetables, fruits, and livestock for their dishes.  There were about 35 ladies that attended and the food was wonderful! It was a three course meal and my appetizer was a smoked thinly sliced pork, I had turkey with potatoes and green beans for my main course and for dessert I had a cream cake.

I am finally starting to make some friends here since I see some of the same people at these outing events.  The restaurant was also a B&B and we were two girls and myself stayed the night while everyone else missed out on the fun and went home.

Bree and Melissa were the two ladies that stayed with me.  Bree’s dish was some corn bread ball things that we were exactly sure why they were but they came in a paper bag with chopsticks (strange!) and Melissa had the same turkey dish as I did.  Tessa is another wonderful lady that I have met who has been so nice and helpful and also works at the Information, Ticket, and Travel office where I am trying to get a job.  Yay for knowing people!

Speaking of Bree, I went to a travel seminar on Wednesday about upcoming fall festivals in our area.  Bree makes some AMAZING cakes and she provided a cake for the event.  These cakes are famous in our area for being wonderful so I was glad that I was able to try some.  Isn’t her cake great looking!  Find her on Facebook and like her page at!/BreesBakes.  Her stuff is so pretty!

Summer and Jennifer at the travel event.  Jennifer was the first person I met when I arrived in Italy!

Bree with her cake and Jennifer from Jdombs Travels

Jennifer from Jdombs Travels (the blonde in the picture above) was the presenter for our information.  She was able to provide upcoming fall festival details (who wouldn’t love going to a chocolate fest!) and information about traveling with your dog.  If you have ever thought about traveling in Europe, check out her page at!/jdombstravels.
Since Andy has been working so much we decided that we needed a dinner out to be able to see each other.  On Wednesday night we went to a restaurant right by us and it was great.  I had roast beef and he had seafood gnocchi and we both shared some of the best potatoes that we have ever had!
Unpacking is coming along and things are getting where they need to be.  Hopefully we should be finished soon! Thanks for reading this weeks post and make sure to follow my blog by email at the top of the page so you can be up to date with all the new posts!

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