Confessions of a Traveling Stamper

Another Friday has come upon us and its starting to feel like fall in Italy! I have my homemade caramel apple cider drink and its time to write this weeks post!The leaves haven’t started to fully turn here yet, but the temp has dropped to be in the 60s and its been drizzly lately.  Apparently ‘winter’ here is when it only gets to be between upper 30s and lower 50s so I will definitely take that over the Iowa and Missouri winters I just left!
This past Saturday, my husband and I decided to take a trip to Lake Barcis.  The lake is located in the mountains past the town of Piancavallo (which I talked about earlier how we went mini golfing there).  The road up to Piancavallo is a very twisty and curvy mountain highway and when we visited that town, my stomach was not feeling the best when we arrived.  The road past Piancavallo to get to Lake Barcis, was a thousand times WORSE! One lane, VERY twisty with a bunch of hairpin turns, and I had to have Andy pull over once and let my stomach settle for a while.  I normally get carsick while riding on twisty roads (just a stomach ache not puking) or when my mom drives crazy in her van (love you mom!).

To get across the lake to the town and dock area, we had to cross this SUPER tiny one lane bridge.  Now we have a Lincoln MKZ sedan car and in the states, its not considered big but here, its a boat.  We BARELY fit across the bridge and had to go super slow.  It was scary but we made it!  Lake Barcis is a manmade lake that helps irrigate the local vineyards down here in the valley that we live in.  The lake has a very pretty teal color.

We found this lovely dock to sit on and look out at the mountains and watch the ducks swim by.  We brought a picnic, a bottle of wine, and some cheese we bought that was made in Germany with us and enjoyed a lunch with a wonderful view.

After lunch we went to a little cafe and had some espresso drinks and some wonderful ice cream.  It was so good.  We decided to take a different route back home and are we glad we did! No winding roads and we found a dam and some amazing tunnels! Instead of going up and over the mountain, we went through them! These were the longest tunnels I have ever been in.  One was over 3000 meters long which is almost two miles!

Spillway Dam

It was a LONG way down!


Cliff diving anyone?!

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